If a backflow valve is defective or faulty, it may:

  • Not prevent a contaminated source from entering the drinking water supply.

  • Cause water to be wasted through leaking devices.

  • Impact your property’s water pressure.

The law requires that all backflow devices be tested annually by a Certified Backflow Tester.

Our Certified Backflow Device Testers will perform the annual test on your Backflow prevention device. We handle all filings and will remind you when it is time for the next test.  After testing your device, we will complete your form and return it to you to be signed and sent in to your local authority. We can also email or mail directly to your water district if the allow it and email the owner a copy as well.


We are qualified to repair and rebuild all backflow devices. We stock many repair components and can get most neccessary parts or devices within 1-2 days